Quality and Environmental Policy

Prime Solution Silo

Quality and Environmental Policy

The board of directors at PSSILO stands for the highest standards and best practices of corporate management, and it is dedicated to principles of transparency, honesty, and responsibility. Sound corporate management and transparency are essential factors for PSSILO to reach its goals of becoming a pioneer corporation in grain storage and transportation business thanks to the high standards in quality and service. 

Our quality approach is based on preventing defects and taking precautions in all processes and at every stage of our production.

Our newly commissioned serial products and project-based special production must be better than the preceding product range.

Environmental Policy

All our employees share the responsibility and liability to maintain quality of products and services as demanded by customers with particular reference to their special requirements, which is a precondition for the customer satisfaction.

It is our responsibility to provide customers with products and services just-in-time, onsite and as requested in scope of the project in demand.